We Build
Engineers & Startups
As modern craftsmen specialising in Agile practices and Ruby on Rails,
we have the passion and confidence to train you to be a software engineer,
and expertise and experience to help you build your dream startup.

What We Do


Anyone can become a coder with the right aptitude and we at JollyGoodCode can help you become one!
We teach modern web development skills such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Git etc
that are used by many successful startups.
You won't regret learning how to code. We are sure.


We are your collaborative Tech team that builds
high quality web applications with Ruby on Rails.
We have the skills and experience that will ensure
that your MVP will be beautiful and functional.
Do you have an idea that could change the World?
Let us help you make it real and ship it.

Agile Practices

As practitioners of Agile methodologies,
we can help with your Agile transformation
through workshops which you'll learn about
Inceptions, Iterative Development, Retrospectives,
Test-Driven Development, Pair Programming,
Continuous Integration and Deployment.

Our Team

Winston Teo
Founder / Principal Consultant

Winston is an entrepreneur, advisor, full-stack engineer and a happy person. Programming since 2004, Winston started his specialisation in Ruby (and Rails) from '08 and recently honed his skills at Pivotal Labs SG between 2010 to 2013. He has worked on numerous projects including successful start-ups such as Wego, Viki, Friendster amongst others.

Besides doing his regular job of writing quality code, Winston also organizes Singapore's Ruby meetups, Rails Girls and the annual RedDotRubyConf. Sometimes, he speaks at Ruby conferences too - the most recent ones are RubyConf Philippines 2014, Oedo Ruby Kaigi 2014 and RubyConf Taiwan 2014. Occasionally, you might find him contributing to open source projects too.

Juanito Fatas
Web Adventurer

Juanito Fatas is passionate about programming and web development, and as an amateur translator, he maintains the Traditional Chinese locale of ruby-lang.org and Rails Guides. He contributes to open source projects frequently.

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