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We Teach Ruby on Rails

What do Twitter, Airbnb and Shopify have in common?

They are all written in the Ruby language with the Ruby on Rails framework.

The Ruby language was designed to make developers productive and happy. Therefore, it is fun and easy to learn, and suitable for anyone, from kids to adults, with or without any programming knowledge.

The Rails framework is one of the most popular web frameworks used by many, and as it prides itself on philosophies like 'Convention over Configurations', provides the developer with a solid tool to build and ship applications quickly.

We have been doing Ruby and Rails for years now and we believe in their magic. Hence, we are sure that you'll be a better developer when you know them both.

Why Ruby
  • Easy To Learn
  • Productive (and Fun)
  • Thriving Community
  • Knowledge In Demand
Why Rails
  • Rapid Development Speed
  • Mature Framework
  • Thriving Community
  • Lots of Best Practices

Available Courses

Get Started With Ruby on Rails

6 Lessons in 2 weeks (24 hours)

This 6-lesson workshop is designed to make you feel confident about what Ruby on Rails can do for you, and you’ll graduate from the class with basic knowledge on building small web applications.

Who Have We Taught

Jolly Good Code has been teaching Ruby and Ruby on Rails in Singapore since 2014.

We have conducted public courses, courses for community projects and customised training programs for corporate clients.