Open Source
We love using open source software as it makes us nimble and productive.
However, we love even more to create open source software
and contribute back to the community!


Happy Teams

Are your engineering teams happy? This is a check list for Happy Teams. Let's all be happy!

Rails Utils

A set of Ruby on Rails helpers based on opinionated project practices and mainly used for structuring CSS and JS within Ruby on Rails projects.


GoogleVisualr, is a wrapper around the Google Chart Tools and allows anyone to create beautiful charts with just Ruby (without writing JavaScript).


Yet another approach to file upload. Users will upload files directly into the attache server from their browser, bypassing the main app.

Active Waiter

A simple mechanism allowing your users to wait for the completion of your ActiveJob.


Twitter open sourced Twitter Emoji. We converted it (JavaScript) to Ruby so that you can emoji-fy your Ruby apps too!

Fast Ruby

A collection of common Ruby idioms to write faster Ruby code, because speed is king!


Dasherize is a simple and beautiful material-based dashboard for your projects.